Admissions Process

1 – Tour

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2 – Fill in the LA common application form

Admissions are arranged by Rotherham Local Authority.The link below will take you to the secondary school application page.

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3 – Additional information

This can also be found in the LA Admission booklet or obtained from local Catholic Schools. The additional information is required to place your child into the correct priority of admission category. Make sure you read the references detailed below in the "references" section

4 – Read our Policy

Click the link below to read through our full admissions Policy to ensure you have included all the relevant information

Link to the Admission Policies


Make sure you attach the following references.

A copy of your child’s baptism certificate if they are a baptised Roman Catholic

A letter from your Parish Priest if your child is a Catechumen

A letter from your Parish Priest if your child is a candidate for reception into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church

A written reference from your Minister if your child is a) a member of Orthodox Churches as recognised by the Catholic Church b)a worshipping member of other Christian Churches who are full members of Churches together in England

A religious or educational testimonial if your child is a worshipping member of other World Faiths.

  • Common application form online via or via the form which can be found in the LA handbook
  • Additional infromation form which can be downloaded from this page
  • All references which apply to you and your child which are listed to the left
  • All the forms then need to be returned to your LA office

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