Behaviour and Rewards

As a catholic school, we have high expectations of all our students. Our school ethos is based on the gospel message of “Love one another as I have loved you” John 13, valuing every individual along with the importance of forgiveness and reconciliation. These are central to the way in which we approach behaviour at Saint Pius X Catholic High School. We seek to correct inappropriate behaviour, to instil self-respect and develop self-discipline rather than to punish, alongside celebrating achievements.

We believe that anyone who attends Saint Pius X Catholic High School should feel part of a safe, secure, caring environment, without being hindered by the behaviour of any other person or group. There is a direct link between the way young people learn and their behaviour. All staff help to encourage students’ understanding of socially acceptable and appropriate behaviour. Behaviour that disrupts learning is not acceptable. We do not tolerate bullying and have an anti-bullying policy that describes strategies for dealing with any such incidents. The school’s behaviour management system is based on the school rules, Respect, Responsibility and Reliability, which are displayed in each teaching area. If students do not conform to the standards we expect a system of sanctions is put in place.


We enjoy celebrating the success of our students. Staff send text home for students who have gone above and beyond the classroom and educational expectations during lessons. Postcards are sent home for students who have been consistently outstanding in lessons or have contributed to the life of school.


The school and staff use a variety of sanctions where inappropriate actions have occurred. These include, detention during and after school, removal from lessons referred to as isolation, internal exclusion both on site or at a partner school and in extreme cases a fixed term or permanent exclusion. A copy of the behaviour policy is available on the school website


The school has a student support centre that is staffed by four full time student support managers who are able to offer support for the pastoral needs of students. In the centre we are able to support the social and emotional well-being of all students and complete work to develop resilience and equip them with skills for their future.