Key Stage 3

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum with the majority of GCSE subjects not starting until KS4.

In the first three years, a wide range of subjects will be studied - English, mathematics, science, religious studies, art, computing, geography, history, modern foreign languages, music, physical education and technology (both cooking and nutrition and design and technology).

There are additional opportunities for students to experience a wide range of activities beyond the classroom all of which encourage the development of independence, research and study skills, and creative thinking.

Personal, Social and Health & Citizen Education

The PSHCE programme tackles a wide range of relevant issues such as current affairs, preparation for life, social skills, anti-bulling, safety, careers and health issues.


At KS3 students are placed in forms of mixed ability. Students are taught in ability groups in mathematics from year 7 onwards. Physical education and technology/art are taught in smaller non-form groups.

Students are placed in sets in English, science and modern foreign languages at some point during key stage 3.

Throughout the school year, students will take a series of tests to monitor progress.


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 Careers Programme

Key Stage 4

All students will follow a core curriculum of English language, English literature, mathematics, religious studies and either double or triple science.

At the end of year 8 students will choose 3 options for GCSE. They will start one of these options in year 9 and be examined at the end of year 10 in this subject. Students will also start their English, mathematics, religious studies and science GCSE during year 9; all other subjects will start in year 10.

Whilst students are free to choose their GCSE subjects they are expected to include history and/or geography. Students are also advised to take a modern foreign language; this will ensure a broad set of skills at this stage

 KS4 Curriculum

Using the Library

The school has a library that is housed in a light spacious room that has been recently modernised. It contains a variety of different styles of books including fiction, non-fiction and reference books.

The library has a welcoming table and seating area where students are encouraged to read during library time.

The library is equipped with thirty networked computers supported by Microsoft Office and allowing access to the internet, as well as printing facilities.

All students have access to the library and are encouraged to borrow resources; up to three books at a time may be borrowed for a period of two weeks.

All year 7 students receive an introduction to the library and in conjunction with the English department have allocated library time. All students must have a reading book for all English lessons.

Independent study may be carried out in the library during lunchtimes and timetabled sessions after school.

Physical Education and Sport

Expertise in sports’ teaching combined with excellent facilities, allows students to be offered a wide range of sporting activities in lessons.

The sports’ complex includes a modern sports hall which has four badminton courts and can be used for basketball, volleyball, netball, indoor tennis, table tennis, indoor hockey as well as having four full size trampolines. In addition, there is a well-equipped gymnasium used for gymnastics and dance.

The outdoor facilities accommodate two football pitches, a hockey pitch, a grid teaching area. During the summer, they are converted to a full range of athletic facilities and rounders’ and cricket pitches. The hard-court areas are arranged as four tennis and netball courts.

Extra Curricular Sport

The department runs a range of extra-curricular activities including teams in football, badminton, netball, rounders, cricket, trampolining, as well as a range of non-competitive sessions in basketball, dance, gymnastics and table tennis. Saint Pius X students recently won three of the five football plates for Rotherham schools and were South Yorkshire finalists in trampolining.

Participating in sports and a 'Can Do' attitude

The physical education department operates a ‘can do’ attitude focusing on what the students can do in lessons and not focusing on what they cannot do.

Physical activity is a key part of a healthy lifestyle and is imperative for children and teenagers for their physical, mental and social wellbeing particularly during school.

It is in the interest of all of our students to take an active role in their compulsory physical education lessons each week.  This is of particular importance if it is the only physical activity they take part in a week in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If a student is ill or injured, and is unable to take a full and active part in physical education then they should bring in a signed and dated note from the parent/carer to excuse them from taking part actively in the lesson. However, where possible, it is expected that students change into their PE kit and take on a supportive role in the lesson.

Extra Curricular Activities

School life is busy and varied and there are a wide range of activities in which the students can take part – these include sport, dance, gymnastics, mathematics, debating, board games, art, drama and music.

Extra-curricular activities take part at lunchtimes and after school. Students can aspire, succeed and lead at all levels whilst thoroughly enjoying all aspects of our varied programme. There is something for everyone.

School Production

There is an annual school production where students are encouraged to showcase their talents. Students put on an excellent display of drama and dance, singing and music.

The production is watched by our family of primary schools as well as evening performances for parent/carers.