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At Saint Pius, we all do our bit for the environment.

This year our CAFOD Young Leaders have been working on a Climate Change project to raise awareness and to make changes to our school in an effort to cut our carbon footprint.
The activities they have been involved in include litter picking, paper recycling, petition signing, a sponsored sleepover holding the world in our arms for 12 hours and a meeting with the local MP John Healey to discuss their concerns. As a result several changes have been made in school.

We have a paper recycling scheme in place which is done on a regular basis by 3 students who collect the paper at form time and place it in the big paper recycling bin that is collected and emptied regularly.

Our caretakers carry out litter picking and Bryan makes up the hanging baskets and maintains the lavender for the wildlife. In the past we had a visit from an RSPB representative and we installed bird boxes around the school grounds.

All our new Year 7 intake were given water bottles with their name on, encouraging them to drink water regularly throughout the day and this also cuts down on litter and reduce single use plastic.

Miss King is planning to bring in a box to collect empty plastic bottles.

We are planning an eco-friendly Christmas tree, making decorations from plastic bottles and are going to trial eco-friendly school ties in the near future.

We are also having LED lights installed all around school to conserve energy.

George Handley in Y8 has made a pencil case out of a plastic bottle – see below.

We are always welcoming ideas to conserve our environment for future generations and small gestures do help in the long term.