Home School Agreement

The school wishes to work in partnership with home to ensure students can achieve their maximum potential.
Our school rules support this. These are: Ready, Responsible, Reliable.

Parent/carer's responsibilities

  • Ensure my child attends school regularly, on time, suitably equipped and in full school uniform.
  • Inform the school of any concerns or problems that might affect my child’s work or behaviour.
  • Support the distinctive catholic ethos of the school, and its Christian values.
  • Attend consultation evenings and discussions about my child’s progress.
  • Encourage my child to show kindness and consideration to others.
  • Support the catholic community and the school governors in their responsibilities for maintaining the school buildings in good repair.

Student’s responsibilities

  • Show respect for the catholic traditions and prayer life of the school.
  • Attend school regularly and on time.
  • Wear the school uniform correctly and bring all the equipment I need every day.
  • Take care of all school equipment and help to keep our school free from litter.
  • Learn something new each lesson and always do my best.
  • Complete all my homework on time.
  • Think for myself and take responsibility for my actions.
  • Observe all the school rules and treat everyone with the respect they deserve.

School’s responsibilities

  • Provide a secure, stimulating, Christian environment in which to learn.
  • Ensure every child matters and is valued for who he/she is and helped to make good progress in their spiritual, moral, emotional and academic development.
  • Demonstrate our catholic faith by what we teach and the way we live and worship in our school.
  • Provide parent/carers with information about their child’s progress.
  • Keep parent/carers well informed about school policies and activities.
  • Contact parent/carers if there is a problem with their child’s attendance, behaviour or work.