Homework is an important activity to support the learning of your child and to develop important skills required for their education. Homework always has a purpose and therefore needs to be completed.

Progress will be assessed at key points across the school year; notice will be given prior to assessment and revision materials will be given for homework.

It is the responsibility of the student to complete homework with the support and encouragement of their parent/carers. If a student fails to complete homework parents/carers will be informed at periodic intervals throughout the year.

The most important things for students
  • Make sure you know how TEAMS works - download the app to your smart phone.
  • Check TEAMS each night to see if any new homework has been set.
  • Ask the teacher in the lesson if you are unsure of what the homework means.
  • Take home everything you need to complete your homework.
  • Try to work it out for yourself to complete the task before seeking help.
  • Do the homework on the night it is set rather than the night before it is due.
  • Take your homework back into school and do not forget to hand it in.
How parent/carers can help with homework
  • Support your child’s education by encouraging them to complete their homework.
  • Do not accept common excuses like: “we didn’t get any”, “I did it at school”, “I did it on the computer and it didn’t print out”, “it doesn’t have to be in for ages”.
  • Talk to your child about their homework and agree a routine. If they establish good habits, it will ensure learning is well supported.
  • Agree with your child that TV, phone calls, and other activities can only take place after homework has been completed.
  • The best time for students to complete homework is after a short break once they have arrived in from school. Completing their homework early leaves the rest of the evening free.
  • Don’t let your child struggle with their homework for too long. If they complete it on the night it is set this will allow them time to get appropriate support from school.