Computer Science



The Computing course is designed to fulfil the requirements of the programme of study for Computing.
In key stage 3, students cover a variety of ICT and Computing modules which incorporate the key concepts of computational thinking. Students will study 3 different programming languages and use specific hardware to aid understanding of computer systems and networking.


Students will study computational thinking, computer systems, control systems and pseudocode/flowcharts. Programming with microbits, shapes and patterns (programming with python turtle). Students will also produce an interactive multimedia project.


Students will study using computers safely including how to keep data safe. Programming websites using HTML. Understanding common algorithms (search and sort). Programming with python and raspberry pi. Data representation within computer systems and a factual document based on computers in the wider world.


Students will study influences on computing (Moore’s law), Networking and network topologies, Binary addition and hexadecimal conversions. Programming with Minecraft and PI.


Students follow the OCR GCSE Computer studies course. This involves theoretical knowledge including:
• Systems Architecture
• Memory
• Storage
• Wired/Wireless Networks
• Network topologies, protocols and layers
• System security
• System software
• Ethical and legal concerns

In addition to this students also study computational thinking, algorithms and programming, which includes:

• Algorithms
• Programming techniques
• Producing robust programs
• Computational logic
• Translators and facilities of languages
• Data representation

The final element to the course is a programming project incorporating:

• Programming techniques
• Analysis
• Design
• Development
• Testing and evaluations


KS3: 1 hour

KS4: 2 hours (Y10), 3 hours (Y11)


Paper 1: (50%) Written paper – 1.5 hours (Computer systems)

Paper 2: (50%) Written paper – 1.5 hours (Computational thinking, algorithms and programming)

Non-Exam Assessment: Programming project (20 hours)

HEAD OF DEPARTMENT: Mr. A. Pickersgill