Information for parents re September

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Dear Parent/Carer,
School restarts for ALL students on Wednesday 2nd September with the usual start and end times of 9.00 and 3.30. Usual school uniform rules apply.
We have reached the end of the most unusual academic year that any of us have ever experienced and are now in a position to let you know our plans for re-opening fully in September. Since ‘lockdown’ we have been open to a small number of students who were able to continue to come to school and a month ago we were delighted to also welcome a proportion of our Y10 students for the last few weeks of term, and to have our new Y7 students visit us for a short session.
We’re now very much looking forward to having all students back in September and beginning to get back to some sort of ‘normality’. Thank you for your endeavours in supporting your children to complete the work which has been set for them over the last few months. Departments have been adapting their schemes of work to ensure those topics that have been covered remotely, particularly for those entering Y11, can be incorporated throughout the year. Teachers will be completing formative assessments during the first few weeks to help inform this, but formal testing of students will not take place until later in the first term. We are confident that given your support and positive attitudes from our students we will be able to compensate for the difficulties caused by our school closure.
Our intention is to carry on with the planned curriculum as closely as possible whilst following the government guidance for the full opening of schools (please see our full risk assessment on the website). Students will be taught in year group zones in different areas of school except for the specialist subjects of PE and technology/art when they can move from their zone to those specialist areas which can be accessed without any crossover of year groups. The information sheet below provides more detail.
We have been in contact regarding transport for students to school in September and are optimistic that there will be buses available but would ask you to refer to the South Yorkshire Travel website for up-to-date information and to contact SYPTE with any queries or concerns. Our recently purchased new management information system, Arbor, has a parent portal that will allow you to see your child’s details. Could you please check the information about your child and let us know if there are any changes that are needed? The link is below. We hope you find the system useful and informative and would welcome any feedback. Very best wishes for the summer holiday. Miss S. Smith Headteacher
In order to keep students and staff safe we will be minimising contact between students by creating designated teaching and social areas for each year group. There are some exceptions such as PE and Technology. We will also be putting in place several other measures to support this in accordance with government guidance.
Please discuss the following with your child before they return to school in September.
On the first day
Upon arrival all students will make their way to the yard behind Sarto. Staff will be there to ensure physical distancing measures are followed.
Students will be dismissed to their designated classrooms where routines and procedures will be explained and any concerns addressed.
Normal expectations and rules for behaviour in school will remain in place while maintaining physical distance and observing hygiene procedures i.e. washing hands for at least 20 seconds having been to the toilet.
Due to the importance of maintaining health and safety for everyone in school, failure to follow the rules may result in a sanction being put in place.
Designated zones
Sarto block
Enter Sarto though either door.
Can access dining facilities at 12:50pm
Yard near the sports hall.
Bottom of the R block
Enter the R block through via the door near the medical room.
Can access dining facilities at 1:10pm
Yard outside Sarto.
Top of the R block
Enter the R block through the top door near the music room.
Can access dining facilities at 1:10pm
Yard outside the R block.
The C block
Enter the C block via the door between the R and R and C block.
Can access dining facilities at 12:50pm
Yard on the top of the field.
The science block
Enter the science corridor by the bottom door.
Can access dining facilities at 12:50pm
Allowed in form rooms.
On arrival
After the first day students are to go straight to their designated teaching zone and must not socialise outside school. Please note students will not be allowed to the local shop.
Students must remain physically distant from each other and teachers.
During lessons
Students must remain in their teaching zone or allocated break zone.
Students must bring all their own equipment, pen, pencil, rubber, ruler, calculator, tissues and hand sanitiser for personal use (school will provide hand sanitiser where required). Sharing of equipment is not allowed other than in practical subjects where it will be sanitised after use.
A member of student support will be in each teaching zone to support students and learning. The student support area will be closed.
Between lessons
Students will move between the rooms in their zone but not leave these zones unless they have PE or technology.
If students have art they must enter and leave via the external art room door.
During break and lunch
Students must not socialise with friends from other year groups.
Students will be allocated toilets to use.
Students will have a staggered break to reduce contact.
During lunch time students will have an allocated sandwich room in their zone. If they require to buy a lunch they will be given a time to access the dining room for hot lunch or the hall for cold food. Please bring enough water to drink for the day.
To support our plan, we will be asking parents to indicate whether their child will be having a packed lunch, hot or cold dinner. Please follow the link below to complete your preference.
End of day
Students must leave the school straight away or line up for their bus, they should not wait for friends.
If travelling on public transport they must follow the government guidelines, please ensure they have their own face covering.
It is vitally important that if your child or any member of your household is displaying symptoms of COVID-19, such as a high temperature, cough and/or lack of taste/smell, they should not attend school, and that you should inform school straight away, self-isolate and get a test according to government guidelines. If a student feels ill during the day they will be sent to the medical room where they will be assessed by a first aider. If required they will be isolated in a room until parents/carers are contacted to collect them.