Internet Safety

Alongside the wonderful and exciting things that the web brings, there can be hidden dangers.

Internet Safety Tips

  • Make sure the computer your child uses at home is in an open area.
  • When using a social media site, always use a nickname NEVER give out any personal details i.e. age, date of birth, address, mobile number, school. Never send or publish photos.
  • Make sure you are confident the people your child is communicating with are the same age and are there for the same reason. Simple rule, if you have not met them, they are not your child’s friend - do NOT add them.
  • If something worries your child when online they should log off immediately and report it to you so you can support them in taking appropriate action.
  • Children should NEVER arrange to meet someone they have met online.
  • When opening attachments, make sure they know the person who is sending the attachment. Ensure all incoming emails are scanned with antivirus software before opening them.
  • Make sure you discuss cyberbullying with your child. Let us know that if it happens, they should come to you and let you know.

There are new websites/chatrooms emerging frequently that are not appropriate for children. Please keep abreast of all current advice.

Refer to the school website for any up to date information, support and advice.

School Policy on Safety

  • At Saint Pius X Catholic High school, we take internet safety very seriously and ask students to sign an Acceptable Use Agreement about using the internet safely.
  • If students break this agreement then sanctions will be imposed under the behaviour for learning policy.