Media Studies


Students follow the AQA Media Studies GCSE Syllabus. Four media topics are studied during the course. Unit 1 is Magazines or Advertising and Unit 2 covers Music or Television promotion. These topics challenge students to examine existing products and then create their own original product. Students develop their skills in photography and editing to complete these two units. In unit 3 students explore the film industry and create their own film trailer. Together these units count for 60% of the final grade.

In Y11 students are presented with an exam topic which is different each year such as Action Adventure films, Music Press, Comics and Quiz Shows. This counts for 40% of the grade. The final exam is 1.5 hours long. The exam is based on a brief that allows students to become an employee for a ‘mock client’ so they gain a feel for what it takes to prepare a campaign in the industry.

For more information see Mrs Loveday.