There have been some significant changes to the pastoral system and school rules. 


These changes have been introduced to make your child’s experience at Saint Pius a productive and enjoyable one. 


The school rules are to be:  

  • Ready 
  • Respectful 
  • Responsible 


These three easy rules can be applied to all aspects of your child’s education. 

Students need to be Ready to learn, be Respectful of other students, teachers, staff and the environment and be Responsible for their learning, achievement and behaviour. 

It is intended by simplifying the rules, they are easier to remember and follow. 


The pastoral structure has changed from Heads of Year to Pastoral Managers, who will be looking after the day to day welfare of students. These are 


Year 7  Year 8  Year 9  Year 10  Year 11 
Mrs. Hale  Mrs. Johnson  Miss McGibbon  Mrs. Barlow  Mrs. Yates 


Student Managers will be focusing on key groups of students in order to raise their attainment. You will be informed if your child has been allocated the support of a Student Manager who will contact you to arrange a meeting. The Student Managers are: 


Mr. Coefield  Mr. McGee  Mr. Slade 


Who to contact 

In relation to a subject or attainment concern please contact the subject teacher or the head of department. If you are ensure who this is the school office will direct you to the correct person. 

In relation to any other concerns, please speak to the Pastoral Managers or Student Manager. 


If you have any concerns about the safety or well-being of your child please contact Mrs. Yates, Assistant Headteacher or Mrs. Dixon Assistant Headteacher  


Behaviour 4 learning 


Saint Pius has very high expectations of our students in and out of class. 

Students need to arrive ready to learn  

  • on the desk every lesson they need out their pencil case with pen, pencil, ruler, rubber and calculator. 
  • Students must engage actively in their lesson. 


  • Significant disruption to learning will result in an after school detention. 


Additional sanctions used to maintain good behaviour and allowing others to learn: 

  • Subject detention. 
  • Pastoral detentions.  


For extreme and/or sustained unacceptable behaviour the following sanctions will be used: 

  • Internal exclusions at Saint Pius and at our partnership schools 
  • Fixed term exclusions. 




Whole school rewards 

  •  Names on the board 
  •  Phone calls home 
  •  Postcards home 

Subject rewards 

  • In addition subjects have an array of subject specific rewards.