Year 11 is a crucial year for  students and we recognise that this can be a stressful time for all concerned. We want all our students to reach their full potential and want to offer as much support and advice to parents/carers as to know how best to help.


Nobody knows your child better than you. Some need motivation and the promise of a reward, some need emotional support and others need help with their organisation.

Provide a quiet place for revision.

Encourage your child to be organised — Help them child to  devise a plan/timetable — AND STICK TO IT! This can reduce potential conflict and lower stress levels.

Give positive messages — Self belief is important.

Remember stress is easier to prevent than cure. Make time for relaxation/exercise/socialising and help maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Ensure your child eats well and drinks plenty of water. Sleep is also important  – 8.5 hours is recommended for 16 year olds.

After a revision session your child should be able to TEACH YOU WHAT THEY HAVE LEARNED.  If you can learn from them you will  know they have revised effectively.

Don’t underestimate how much difference your involvement can make in your child’s achievement.

You don’t have to be an expert in every subject to have a major impact.

Keep a close watch on the amount of time spent on ‘social network’ sites.

Help keep their ‘eye on the prize’ – remind them that their hard work and effort will all be worth it.



Please do not hesitate to get in touch with school if you would like more help or advice about preparing your son or daughter for their GCSEs.

You can telephone any of the staff below if you need help or advice.  You can also telephone or email your son/daughter’s subject teachers or the mentor assigned

The school number is 01709 767900

Headteacher: Miss Smith— ssmith@saintpiusx,school

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Brown —

Examinations Officer: Miss D Young —

Attendance Matters

Attendance is key to all learning and progress.  If your son/daughter does miss school for any reason please encourage them to catch up on missed work.

All the main exams take place between

Monday 11th May 2020 and Thursday 18th June 2020

Missing an exam will seriously affect any grade awarded.  Illness during the examination period will require a doctor’s note.

The summer half term runs from

Monday 25th May 2020 —Friday 29th May 2020

Students should use this time to revise for their exams and not treat it as a holiday.


The VLE, the school’s learning platform, is a good starting point. Your child/you can access the VLE through the school’s website—click on the learning platform tab or Log on to Firefly and click on the ‘Exams Information’ tab on the Resources page where you will find advice and practice exam papers.

The exam board websites also contain useful information  related to subjects being studied.

AQA — www. covers the following subject areas:

Art, Design and Technology, English Language, English  Literature, Food Preparation and Nutrition, French, Further Maths, Geography, History, Mathematics, Performing Arts, Physical Education, Polish, Science—Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and Spanish.

WJEC eduqas —

Religious Education and Film Studies


Computer Science

All of these sites allow access to past papers, mark schemes and exam reports which give an insight into the whole examination process.

BBC BITESIZE  has a range of materials to support students in most subject

SENECA LEARNING also has a range of activities across most GCSE subjects to support knowledge retrieval and understanding —

PiXL is an extremely useful website used in maths to support learning. All students have their own log-in.

Youtube has some excellent resources but filters need to be used when searching —

Don’t forget to access BOOKS—there are some very good revision guides but please ask for advice on which revision guides to purchase to ensure they cover the subject specification.