News & Events

This month at SPX, we are raising awareness about the refugee crisis. As the photographs show, this has been a very worthwhile project and the students have learnt a lot about the plight of the refugees. Below is a summary of all the activities that Mrs Reynolds has set up.

During form time, students have been learning about the problems the refugees face and discussing possible solutions with their teacher.
We are asking for donations of children’s and adult’s clothing and clean bedding to help the refugees keep warm. If you have any suitable donations – please send them into school for Mrs Reynolds in the Chapel.
We set up a refugee camp in the school quadrant to help raise awareness for the campaign and students were asked to sign a petition.
On Wednesday 20th June, Father Evangelist brought in the Blessed Sacrament, giving students the opportunity to come into the chapel and pray, reflecting on the refugee crisis.
On Friday 22nd June, we had a ‘sponsored sleep out’ in the Sports Hall from 8pm to 8am the next morning. The Cafod Young Leaders have been collecting sponsors to raise money for Cafod. No electronic devices were allowed during this event and the students played board games to pass the time during the night.
Share the Walk – This week, the Cafod Young Leaders will walk around a measured area of the school field at lunchtime. Other students are welcome to join in and each lap will be recorded and the total number of miles walked will be sent to Cafod who are aiming to walk 24900 miles (the distance around the world)
All Y7 and Y8 students will look at different aspects of the refugee crisis in each area of the curriculum.
Head of Art, Mrs Johnson, worked on a project with the Y7 & Y8 students, looking at the portrayal of refugees in artwork throughout the ages and compared them to newspaper photographs seen today. The students also made a refugee village using recycled cardboard boxes. They decorated the houses with images and words highlighting the plight of refugees.