‘Top of the Bench’

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On the evening of Wednesday 21st November, Alfie Ahmad (Y11) along with Ava Bloomfield, Mason Kellett and Sam McKeiver (all Y9) enthusiastically represented Saint Pius X at the Royal Society of Chemistry’s annual ‘Top of the Bench’ chemistry competition.  This is the first time our school had been selected to take part in this prestigious event along with 11 other schools which was held this year at King Edward VII Upper School in Sheffield. 

Teachers and parents watched from the gallery above whilst our team along with the other schools showed a great deal of knowledge and skill in this challenge with general chemistry knowledge and chemical calculations in the written rounds as well.

The competition then broke for a fabulous evening buffet for students, parents and teachers, before ending with a practical round where students were set challenges in the chemistry labs. 

The host for the evening praised all schools and commented on how high the scores had been compared to previous years, with only 14 marks separating the 12 schools.  Students, parents and staff really enjoyed the evening. The students were as always a credit to the school and we would like to thank their parents and the science staff and Headteacher who gave their time to support the students. 

If you are inspired to be on the team next year please see Miss Rae or Mrs Handley.