Useful E-Security Websites for Parents

The rate of technological change means our children’s world is changing rapidly – the challenges faced by parent/carers today is different to previous generations.  The latest research shows that 48% of parent/carers believe their children know more about the internet than they do and, 78% of children agree. It also shows that children are spending significantly longer on the internet than their parent/carers – and twice as long on social media.
Many parent/carers simply do not know where to turn for advice.

Support for parents/carers

The following websites offer valuable information and comprehensive guides on how to ensure your child is safe online.

CEOPS ( The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) works across the UK tackling child sex abuse and provides advice for parent/carers, young people and students.

Childnet ( Includes a guide for parent/carers and carers on how to keep children safe on the internet and includes advice and education resources.

Facebook Help Centre (

Get Safe Online ( An online safety resource website sponsored by the British Government and leading businesses to help individuals and may businesses protect themselves against internet problems.

Google ( Provides family safety advice and specific google features designed to help you keep your family safe online.

UK Safer Internet Centre ( A network of national bodies that coordinate internet safety awareness in Europe. Comprehensive and informative, it provides a wealth of information on internet safety.

Internet Matters ( Based by the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) this site provides advice for parent/carers and specific safety guides on using the popular social networking sites including INSTAGRAM, WHATSAPP and SNAPCHAT.

NSPCC ( Covers a section on child safety – what children do online and on social networks, the risks and dangers they can face, plus advice for parent/carers on keeping children safe online.

Think You Know ( A guide to internet safety and safe surfing for young people from Think You Know.