The school places a high priority on attendance. There is a direct link between attendance and achievement and we aim to work closely with parent/carers to ensure that all students maximise their learning potential by being in school.
Students must be encouraged to take prime responsibility for maintaining an excellent record of attendance and punctuality. Our high expectations are made clear to students by all teachers.


Punctuality is given a high priority at Saint Pius X Catholic High School. Responsibility for this is taken by the students, parent/carers and staff. Punctuality is monitored on a daily basis; being late to school will result in an after-school detention, being late to lessons will result in a departmental detention.


The school registers students every lesson and parent/carers are required to inform school stating the reason for the absence. If you fail to contact school then you will be contacted to explain the reason for absence.

If absence from school becomes a cause for concern you will be contacted by your child’s student manager to discuss the concern, they are there to help you.


All absences come at a price - children missing school may not be able to keep up with schoolwork and it often affects friendships.
Missing two weeks of a term in each year of a child’s life is the same as missing more than half a year.


The school strongly discourages any planned leave of absence in term time because of the impact on academic and social progress.

The headteacher has the discretion to grant absence under exceptional circumstances. All requests will therefore be treated on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the school’s attendance policy.

Any requests for absence must be in writing. A LEAVE OF ABSENCE form must be returned at least 3 weeks prior to going on leave, either to the attendance officer or to If an unauthorised leave is taken it may result in a fixed penalty fine from the authority.