Equipment and Books

Students are required to arrive at school with the correct equipment, in an appropriate sized school bag.  Each lesson they will need to place the following on their desk - pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, calculator, reading book

The most important things for students

  • Packing your bag with everything needed for each day.
  • Using an organised system for keeping books and equipment.
  • Using your timetable or Arbor to check what lessons are on each day to help you be organised and bring to school what you need.
  • Remember special equipment such as a calculator, protractor and ruler for mathematics.

Students are expected to arrive at lessons with the correct kit and/or equipment.

How parent/carers can help

  • Help your child to organise their room at home.
  • A labelled A4 plastic folder to take to school to place in and store any worksheets they have been given.
  • Help them to plan a routine for emptying their bag after each day and packing it for the following day. Do this with them to begin with, letting them take over as soon as possible.
  • Check their bag at regular intervals for letters or information which may be at the bottom!
  • Check Arbor for information and homework to ensure everything is up to date.
  • Check the School Gateway for any messages and lunch money updates