The content of the course covered in Y7 includes: New Friends and School, Working together, Citizenship and Global issues, Relationships, Growing and Changing, Rights and Responsibilities, Health, the Power of Media, Study Skills, Financial and Economic Awareness, Safety education and Drugs education.

In Y8 Peer Pressure, Alcohol, Sex and Relationships Education (conception and pregnancy), Citizenship, Local and Global issues, Healthy lifestyles and Financial, Economic Awareness, Drugs Education, Human rights and Community Cohesion are covered.

The content of the course covered in Y9 includes: Healthy Relationships, Sex Education (responsibilities, sexual health and contraception), Human Rights, Crime and Punishment, Careers Education, Healthy Lifestyles, Citizenship, Local and Global and Financial and Economical Awareness, Option Choice and progression routes,




In Y10 the focus is on Work Study Skills, Health Education (alcohol and drugs), The Law and Children, Consumers and Employees, Sex and Relationships Education (pregnancy, parenting, contraception, and citizenship) and Local and Global Financial and Economic awareness.

In Y11 Careers Education, Assessing Personal Skills and Qualities, Recording Achievement, Sex, Relationships and Independent Living, Financial and Economic Awareness and Healthy Lifestyles are studied.

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