Reducing our waste, respecting our environment.

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Studying the Earth’s Resources is one of our topics in year 8 science. The students study how our activities change the world around us, including topics such as greenhouse gases, our carbon footprint, how we extract raw materials from the earth and how recycling helps reduce the resources we take. This year, students have taken their learning into practical action.

Plastic bottles have been transformed into wildflower planters, bringing colour to window sills and patios and providing bees with food and opportunity to pollinate our native plants. Students have written to McDonalds to ask them to stop putting plastic toys in happy meals.

They have also been looking at the life cycle of different products, showing the full impact they have on our Earth’s resources, and then reusing them as new products such as t-shirt bags, lava lamp, planters, bubble blowers and new fashion items. The lava lamp was voted as their favourite reused product.