Starting Secondary School

In the following pages we have included a few tried and tested tips for parent/carers that will hopefully be useful.  Remember, if in doubt, contact us.

What are the common worries about starting secondary school?

  • Not making friends
  • Movement around school and getting lost
  • Homework
  • Not being able to complete their work
  • Getting to school and back
  • Being unsure about what to do if there is a problem
  • Not getting on with the teachers
  • Getting into trouble
  • Not having the right books or equipment

How can parents/carers help?

Moving from primary to secondary school is a significant and exciting event in a child’s life.  It is important milestone which often marks a change in expectations of teachers and parent/carers in regard to vital skills such as independent working and self-organisation. Children are often expected to cope with a whole variety of new experiences many of which demand skills and abilities that they have not needed before. These skills do not spontaneously develop in children they have to be learnt and children need support in developing these skills.

The most common worries mentioned above usually disappear after a week or two. It may be useful to tell your child that everyone will be feeling anxious. Also, since there will be many more children in year 7 than in year 6, everyone will have the chance to make new friends at secondary school.

Time spent early on in establishing good work habits and independence is an investment that will save endless time and problems in the future. The good habits and routines that children develop in year 7 are those that will stay with them throughout secondary school, and beyond into post 16 and their working lives. Far better for children to make the effort to get it right from the start than putting things right when they have gone wrong.