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In Y7 and 8 the students take part in one hour of PSHE on their timetable each week. This session is taught in their form group with a designated teacher throughout the year.

The PSHE curriculum that we teach follows the guidance from the Government and also the PSHE Association to ensure that the most up to date information and topics are covered within the most appropriate year group. The RSE programme is overseen by the Head of RE and follows the guidance from the Ten Ten resources alongside the PSHE resources and information.

At KS3 the students build on their knowledge and understanding, skills, attributes and values that they have acquired and developed during the primary phase. The KS3 curriculum equips the students for the opportunities and challenges from life, learning to manage diverse relationships, their online lives, and the increasing influence of peers and the media.

At KS4 the students develop and deepen their knowledge and understanding, extend their skills and further their attitudes, values and attributes already acquired during KS3. The PSHE curriculum is designed to prepare the students for moving towards an independent role in adult life, taking on greater responsibility for themselves and others.


PSHE is focused around three core themes

  1. Health and well-being- self-concept, mental health and well-being, healthy lifestyles, drugs, alcohol and tobacco, managing risk and personal safety, sexual health
  2. Relationships- positive relationships, relationship values, forming and maintaining respectful relationships, consent, parenting, bullying, abuse and discrimination and social influences
  3. Living in the wider world- choices and pathways, work and career and financial choices

Please note that other aspects of the PSHE curriculum are covered cross curricular alongside the other subject areas within school.

The Y7 and Y8 curriculum is split into six topic areas, covering a topic across lessons over each half term.

Y7 (SEAL/ resolving conflict)



What are human rights?

Hopes, fears and worries

Stereotype/ discrimination/ prejudice/ Diversity

Understanding our emotions

Terrorism/ Shamima Begum

Controlling our emotions

Terrorism/ Shamima Begum

Dealing with arguments

 Cults, gangs and crime

Exploring ways of resolving conflict

Cults, gangs and crime


Conflict in Ukraine




Jugs and herrings


What are drugs? Drugs and the law

Smoking vs vaping

Legal and illegal drugs

Drugs and their effects

Smoking facts and The effects of smoking, passive smoking

County lines

Alcohol: the facts and the effects of alcohol

Recreational drugs/ New psychoactive substances

Caffeine and energy drinks

Alcoholism and alcohol poisoning




Puberty, growing up and Personal Hygiene

Pressures for young people

Body image and the media

Marriage and relationships, Domestic abuse

“The perfect partner”

Sexual consent and sexual harassment


Sexual orientation, homophobia and Exploring sexuality


Sexual Exploitation

Exposed (sexting)

Sexual Exploitation


The careers unit of work follows the unifrog framework and resources.




Saving and savings accounts

Bank accounts

Borrowing money and debt

Bank statements

Methods of payment, Tax and NI

Ways to pay

Understanding a payslip


Interest, APR and repayment

Value for money

Financial products available.



Y9 and Y10 ASDAN qualification content

Module 1. Emotional well-being

Module 2. Keeping safe and healthy

Module 3. Social media

Module 4. Alcohol

Module 5. Tobacco and drugs

Module 6. Sexual health

Module 7. Respectful relationships

Module 8. Families and parenting

Module 9- Financial choices

Module 10- Careers and your future

Module 11- Living in modern Britain


Y9 students cover a number of modules during their form time sessions on a weekly basis with their form tutor.


Y10 students cover a number of modules of the ASDAN qualification with a designated teacher during a one hour timetabled lesson a week and are in mixed ability groups.


Curriculum time

Y7 and Y8- 1 hour

Y9- 3 x 20 minute formtime sessions

Y10- 1 hour


Teacher in Charge: Miss. E. Harris




Relationships and Sex Education
As part of the statutory curriculum your child will be studying Relationships and Sex Education (RSE). The school will be following the foundation curriculum created by the company Ten Ten whose resources have been created to fulfil the government guidance and support the Catholic ethos of the school.
A detailed overview of the content and example of the resources used are accessible for you on the Parent Portal of Ten Ten’s website.


Username: st-piusx-s63

Password: pope-637

Parent Portal:

Teacher in charge: Mr D McGee (Head of RE)