Saint Pius X Catholic High School

Saint Pius X Catholic High School



Parents/carers are asked to inform school as soon as possible on the first day of their child’s absence; this can be by telephone, text or email.

If the absence is due to a medical or dental appointment and school is informed in advance, or if evidence such as an appointment card is provided, the absence will be counted as authorised. Parents/carers are asked to make appointments outside of the school day, or in holiday time as far as possible.

If a student is absent without contact from home a text message is sent by 10am to alert parents/carers in case the student is missing without consent and/or to find out reasons for absence.

If there is no response to the message by the afternoon a second text is sent. This will be followed by a phone call if there is still no response. Any continuing absence without contact from a parent/carer may be followed up with a home visit, or in some instances, a referral to social care.

Tel: 01709 767900