Saint Pius X Catholic High School

Saint Pius X Catholic High School


Parental Calendar 2023-2024

Autumn Term

Fundraising for CAFOD and food banks

04/09/2023     Inset day

05/09/2023     Inset day

06/09/2023     School opens to all students

12/09/2023     Y7 - 10 School photographs

18/09/2023     Crowden Educational visit Y8 (5 days)

19/09/2023     Y11 Exam review meeting with parents/carers

02/10/2023     Y7 Readathon  week

03/10/2023     Careers Fair - Y11 (pm)
                          Y10 Geography Educational visit 

                          Y6 Open Evening (5-7pm)

04/10/2023     Y11 Geography Educational visit

06/10/2023     CAFOD Fast Day

10/10/2023     World Mental Health Day

12/10/2023     Y11 Geography Educational visit

13/10/2023     Y7 Welcome Mass

16/10/2023     Y7 Re-start A Heart Day

17/10/2023     Y7 Settling-in reviews with parents/carers

20/10/2023     Break for half term

30/10/2023     Return to school

Fundraising for Local children in need and SVP

                          Crowden Y8 Educational visit (5 days)

01/11/2023     Mass 8:15 All Saints Day. All welcome

08/11/2023     Y7 Retreat (3 days)
                          Y8 North Star Festival

08/11/2023     Y11 Photographs

13/11/2023     Anti-bullying week

17/11/2023     Y11/Y10EE Mock exams (2 weeks)

05/12/2023     Book Fair week

11/12/2023     KS3 core testing week

15/12/2023     KS4 reports issued to parents/carers

21/12/2023     KS3 reports issued to parents/carers

21/12/2023     Non-uniform day (£1 donation)
Break for Christmas (1:30pm finish)

Spring Term

Fundraising for Lourdes and food banks

08/01/2024     Return to school

09/01/2024     Y11 exam reviews with parents/carers

15/01/2024     KS3 non-core testing week

22/01/2024     Y10/Y9EE Exams (1 week)

30/01/2024     KS3 reports issued to parents/carers

05/02/2024     Internet Safety week

05/02/2024     Y10/Y9EE reports issued to parents/carers

09/02/2024     Break for half term

19/02/2024     Return to school

Fundraising for the Good Shepherd Collection

19/02/2024     Rome Educational visit (4 days)

23/02/2024     CAFOD Fast Day

27/02/2024     Y10 exam review meetings with parents/carers

01/03/2024     Y11/Y10EE Pre-final exams (2 weeks)

04/03/2024     World Book week

11/03/2024     British Science week

18/03/2024     KS3 core testing week

20/03/2024     Duke of Edinburgh - expedition

27/03/2024     Movement Evening

28/03/2024     Pre-final & KS3 reports issued to parents/carers

28/03/2024     Non-uniform day (£1 donation)

Break for Easter (1:30pm finish)

Summer Term

Fundraising for a school chosen charity

15/04/2024     Return to school

16/04/2024     Y8 progress review meeting with parents/carers

17/04/2024     Y10 Mock interviews

25/04/2024     Y7/8 UK Maths challenge

26/04/2024     Pledge Day (fundraising)

06/05/2024     Bank holiday

07/05/2024     Y9 progress review meeting with parents/carers

09/05/2024     Mass 8:15 Ascension Day. All welcome

10/05/2024     Book Fair week

13/05/2024     GCSE Exams begin

15/05/2024     Y8 Retreat

24/05/2024     Y11 Leavers' Assembly (pm)

24/05/2024     Break for half term

03/06/2024     Return to school

11/06/2024     Y7 progress review meeting with parents/carers

20/06/2024     Y10 Geography Educational visit

04/07/2024     Y10 End of year Mass

05/07/2024     Sports day

08/07/2024     Y10 Work Experience (provisional)

09/07/2024     Y7 End of year Mass

11/07/2024     Y8 End of year Mass

12/07/2024     Y9 End of year Mass

17/07/2024     Y9 Retreat (3 days)

19/07/2024     KS3/4 reports issued to parents/carers

19/07/2024     Finished for summer (1:30pm finish)

22/07/2024     Inset day

23/07/2023     Inset day